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MB0049 | What are the various phases of project management life cycle? Explain

Q: What are the various phases of project management life cycle? Explain
The various phases in project management life cycle are –
•    Analysis and evaluation
•    Marketing
•    Design
•    Inspecting, testing and delivery
•    Post completion analysis

1.    Analysis and Evaluation Phase
•    It starts with receiving a request to analyse the problem from the customer.
•    The project manager conducts the analysis of the problem and submits a detailed report to the top management.
•    The report should consist of what the problem is, ways of solving the problem, the objectives to be achieved, and the success rate of
achieving the goal.
2.    Marketing Phase
•    A project proposal is prepared by a group of people including the project manager. This proposal has to contain the strategies adopted to market the product to the customers.
3.    Design Phase
•    Based on the inputs received  in the  form of  project feasibility study, preliminary project evaluation, project proposal  and customer interviews, following outputs are produced:
o    System design specification
o    Program functional specification
o    Program design specification
o    Project plan

4.    Inspecting, Testing and Delivery Phase
•    During this phase, the project team works under the guidance of the project manager. 
•    The project has to be tracked or monitored through its cost, manpower and schedule. 
•    The tasks involved in these phases are:
o    Managing the customer
o    Marketing the future work
o    Performing quality control work
5.    Post Completion Analysis Phase
•    After delivery or completion of the project, the staff performance has to be evaluated. The tasks involved in this phase are:
o    Documenting the lessons learnt from the project
o    Analysing project feedback
o    Preparing project execution report
o    Analysing the problems encountered during the project

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