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Monday, February 18, 2013

MB0051 | Examine the rights of a consumer enshrined under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

Examine the rights of a consumer enshrined under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
The main objective of this Act is to provide better protection to the consumers. Unlike other laws, which are punitive or preventive in nature the provisions of this Act are compensatory in nature. The Act intends to provide simple, speedy and in consumers‟ grievances.

For the first time in the history of consumer legislation in India, the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 extended a statutory recognition to the rights of consumers. Sec.6 of the Act recognizes the following six rights of consumers:

1. Right to safety, i.e., the right to be protected against the marketing of goods and services which are hazardous to life and property.
2. Right to be informed, i.e., the right to be informed about the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of goods or services, as the
case may be, so as to protect the consumer against unfair trade practices.
3. Right to choose: It means right to be assured, wherever possible, access to a variety of goods and services at competitive prices. In case of monopolies, say, railways, telephones, etc., it means right to be assured of satisfactory quality and service at a fair price.
4. Right to be heard, i.e., the consumers ‟ interests will receive due consideration at appropriate forums. It also includes right to be represented in various forums formed to consider the consumers ‟ welfare.
5. Right to seek redressal: It means the right to seek redressal against unfair practices or restrictive trade practices or unscrupulous exploitation of consumers. It also includes right to fair settlement of the genuine grievances of the consumers.
6. Right to consumer education: It means the right to acquire the knowledge and skill to be an informed consumer

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