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MI0033 | Explain the Advantages of Prototype Model, & Spiral Model in Contrast to Water Fall model.


Advantages of Prototype Model over Waterfall Model

•    The prototype is evaluated by the customer/user and used to refine requirements for the software to be developed.
•    The waterfall model directly delivers the final product to the user and his feedback is only taken in, before the design phase. Conversely, the prototype model creates several rough working applications and involves constant user interaction, until the developers come up with the final application, which satisfies the user.
•    While the waterfall model is linear, the prototype model is non linear and evolutionary in nature.
•    The prototype model is well suited for online applications where user interfaces are the most important component and clients are not clear about what they exactly need in the final product.
•    A prototype model ensures users involvement which makes last minute changes possible. The waterfall model makes it difficult to implement any changes suggested by the user, after initial specification.

Advantage of Spiral Model over Water Fall Model

•    The disadvantage of the waterfall model is the advantage of the spiral model. It is a realistic model, which is often used in the development of large software.
•    There is a systematic approach used in the spiral model, which is integrated into the iterative framework. This helps in ensuring there are no problems in the software.
•    Changes to the software can be made at any point of time in the software development process.
•    Each pass through the planning region results in adjustments to the project plan. Cost and schedule are adjusted based on feedback derived from customer evaluation.
•    The spiral model is a realistic approach to the development of large-scale systems and software. Because software evolves as the process progresses, the developer and customer had better understand and react to risks at each evolutionary level.

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